Ventrone Chronicles was born behind the mission of complete inclusivity; making quality, affordable, and chic jewelry for everyone.

The creators of VC, Daniella and Sophia Ventrone, have always shared an intimate relationship and passion for jewelry. As they grew older, they were passed down family heirlooms & heritage pieces from their elders. The two view all pieces as strong sentiments, that should not only be built to last, but should always feel personal.

While searching for more affordable pieces to grow & honor their personal collections, they were faced with a few huge dilemmas. Most demi fine jewelry brands appeared to have nothing but large, costume-y pieces that they did not find realistic, or practical for everyday wear. Not to mention, the quality of the pieces couldn't handle everyday wear without tarnishing completely & turning skin green. This led them to question - why the price for gold plated jewelry was so high?

After their failed attempt to find affordable demi-fine jewelry that fit their minimalistic aesthetic, and having the quality of the pieces turn them off completely, they decided to embark on a search for fine jewelry brands that spoke to them. Again, they unsuccessfully couldn't find anything they felt needed to be 'theirs'. The industry standard markup of 8 to 10 times cost wasn't an encouraging push to buy either.

After seeing a true gap in the market, and having the heart & vision to fill it, alas, Ventrone Chronicles was born. The Los Angeles based inclusive brand, bringing minimal and affordable fine and demi fine jewelry staples of high quality for all- with no strings attached AND FULL TRANSPARENCY. With VC, you won't find the standard industry mark ups, making VC pieces feel as affordable as they are special.

What IS gold filled?

Gold filled jewelry is created by pressure bonding an actual layer of solid gold to another piece of metal; in our case, we use brass. It has the same look as solid gold, for a more economical price, and really holds up very well too. When purchasing a gold filled piece, it will not be subjected to tarnishing, it won't rub off, or turn any colors. Gold filled accessories are built to last for many years of daily wear. The layer of gold used is significantly thicker than one found on a gold plated piece. Most people with metal sensitivities can wear gold filled pieces without having any reactions; unless you are a person with a brass or gold allergy. You'd expect gold filled jewelry to be a more popular option than it actually is, but not many brands sell gold filled pieces. If you are lucky enough to find a brand that does, chances are, the mark up is insane. In that case, thank god you found us! We price our gold filled pieces very fairly.

What is solid gold?

Solid gold is highest in price and purity. It is a precious metal that will not tarnish or fade in time. Although, solid gold pieces are generally softer than plated or filled pieces, they are built to last forever. Thus, making solid gold the best option for classic basics you'll want to wear forever, then pass down to your kids! Gold is a precious metal and on the higher end of the market, but that doesn't make the industry standard mark up of 8x-10x of cost effective, or ethical. Ventrone Chronicles offers solid gold staples at a price that's fair to you.

What is gold plate?

Gold plated jewelry is made by coating a thin layer of gold over a more afforDable piece metal via electroplating or chemical plating. It is a good choice for PIECES or components that do not have direct contact with skin, such as an earring, charm or for chunkier or larger costume pieces that won’t be worn daily. Gold plate will tarnish and fade over time. It is very affordable & cost effective, making it to be the most popular choice for jewelry brands to use. Due to the effectiveness of the hold up of gold plate, we make sure to realistically & fairly price our gold plated pieces. If you don't believe us, take a look at our competitors' pricing vs quality!

What are Cz's?

Cubic Zarconia is a diamond substitute, made up from synthetic material. Cz's are colorless & flawless stones, with no inclusions. The stone is a little less durable than diamond is, and reflects more brilliance than them as well. It is the most cost effective diamond stimulant on the market. This makes CZ's an easy and perfect choice for earrings & necklaces.

What are Diamonds?

Diamonds are the strongest natural gemstone. Being a natural stone, inclusions are present in them; but that doesn't stop them from being very expensive, as they are considered precious. The strength of the stone makes diamonds a great choice for dainty pave work. You can thank us for not marking our diamonds up 8-10x cost, which is actually the industry standard!