Ventrone Chronicles was born behind the mission of complete inclusivity; making quality, affordable, and chic jewelry for everyone.

The creators of VC, Daniella and Sophia Ventrone, have always shared an intimate relationship and passion for jewelry. As they grew older, they were passed down family heirlooms & heritage pieces from their elders. The two view all pieces as strong sentiments, that should not only be built to last, but should always feel personal.

While searching for more affordable pieces to grow & honor their personal collections, they were faced with a few huge dilemmas. Most demi fine jewelry brands appeared to have nothing but large, costume-y pieces that they did not find realistic, or practical for everyday wear. Not to mention, the quality of the pieces couldn't handle everyday wear without tarnishing completely & turning skin green. This led them to question - why the price for gold plated jewelry was so high?

After their failed attempt to find affordable demi-fine jewelry that fit their minimalistic aesthetic, and having the quality of the pieces turn them off completely, they decided to embark on a search for fine jewelry brands that spoke to them. Again, they unsuccessfully couldn't find anything they felt needed to be 'theirs'. The industry standard markup of 8 to 10 times cost wasn't an encouraging push to buy either.

After seeing a true gap in the market, and having the heart & vision to fill it, alas, Ventrone Chronicles was born. The Los Angeles based inclusive brand, bringing minimal and affordable fine and demi fine jewelry staples of high quality for all- with no strings attached. With VC, you won't find the standard industry mark ups, making VC pieces feel as affordable as they are special.